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My name is Mark McMillion. Since I was 13, I’ve spent my life learning, studying, and practicing leadership. I was born and raised in West by God Virginia. I was kind of a big fish in my little pond where I played football, basketball, and ran track. …

Leadership / Appearances / Parenting

Stepping outside yourself can be valuable.

I was helping my wife stock and man the local high school concession stand. It’s one of the things she does to support the school. We don’t have any kids in season now but she’s taken it on as her personal mission. Sometimes I help.

One of our sons was…

Leadership / Varsity / Second String

Staying ready while in the shadows.

My youngest son had a terrific 8th grade football season. He led the team in rushing yards, receiving yards, scoring, and tackles. While the team finished 1–7, he was the star.

Now he’s playing basketball. Not sure what’s going on with the team and coach, but he’s the last player…

Fiction / Football / Humor

Football training techniques from the hills.

Jimmy Mack had just led his team to a stunning upset for the national championship. He had scored the winning touchdown with an incredible stop-go-pivot 76-yard touchdown run as time expired. Alabama’s all-world safety, Bobby Tatum, seemed to have him stopped dead at the thirty-yard line. That was after Jimmy…

Leadership / Relationships / Sharing

People will share things on their time they’ll never share on your time.

Yesterday I delivered part two of a four-part series of classes on supervision. It’s a small group of 4–5 plus a senior employee or two. The company is on the smaller side but most importantly, they’re making the commitment to grow people to grow the company.

We did the two-hour…

Leadership / Success / Assessment

Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.

Many people make bad choices routinely and suffer the results. We see that daily. However, I’ve known people who made good choices but still suffered bad consequences. I’ve also known people who do the wrong things but everything seems to work out for them. …

Not where I thought you were going with this based on the title. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how chance (luck) and choices impacted your career. Many people make bad choices routinely and we see that daily. However, I've also known people who made good choices but still suffered bad consequences (luck?). For me personally, I've had it go both ways--bad choices that turned out well; good choices that turned out badly. Of course I want to take credit for my successes and credit them to my wisdom and hard work while the bad outcomes are just because of bad luck. Self-serving and not helpful. Any suggestions for better self-analysis?

Leadership / Relationships / Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes it’s what you don’t say that strengthens relationships.

I usually buy my shampoo in the economy size. I know what I like and I’ve changed brands approximately twice in 30-some years. There’s a big bottle in my shower I’ve been using for many months, maybe years (not much hair means not much shampoo used).

The other day my…

Mark McMillion

Retired Army officer with two tours in Baghdad, taught at West Point, married with four kids. Proud West Virginian and West Point grad. Amazon pubs.

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