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My name is Mark McMillion. Since I was 13, I’ve spent my life learning, studying, and practicing leadership. I was born and raised in West by God Virginia. I was kind of a big fish in my little pond where I played football, basketball, and ran track. …

Not Leadership

Do we really want vigilantes?

I recently responded to what I thought was a poorly reasoned article regarding Kyle Rittenhouse, the then 17-year-old who shot and killed two people and critically wounded another. Here’s that article if you want to see what set me off.

Although I responded directly to the article, I want to…

This kid was not an MP. By your own reasoning, anyone in the vicinity could have legitimately used lethal force against Rittenhouse. This kid had no training. If my 16-year-old kid wants to be a fireman, that does not authorize him to go fight fires. In a violent situation, anyone…

Leadership / Followers

It can do you good to follow sometimes!

I have a friend who is a real craftsman with wood. He builds custom furniture, cabinetry, display cases, and so on. His attention to detail and standards are amazing. Sometimes, Jim sees things as flaws that I don’t even notice.

There are times in my leadership business when I’m not…

Leadership / Management

It’s okay sometimes . . .

Read this neat article today about managing up. Thank you Dr. Ciera Graham for writing it. Dr. Graham makes some powerful arguments for not managing up. In the big-picture view and theoretically, I agree with her.

However (and you knew there was a “but” coming!), on a day-to-day basis, “managing…

"Managing up" is about getting the job done. The unfortunate side effect is "carrying" an incompetent boss. I'm not certain that anyone can manage up so effectively that the boss's poor performance isn't recognized. Truth has a way of willing out.

The cost of not managing up is failure. In business, employees often must pay for the mistakes of those above them. When the boss screws up, his/her employees most often pay the price in terms of additional work, repeat work, or even business failure.

Thought-provoking article. Perhaps a better alternative is to manage up only as long as it takes you to find a better company?

Leadership / Employees / Terminations

Is a bad employee really better than no employee?

My 14-year-old son has been in tryouts for his middle school basketball team. He’s confident but not so much that he hasn’t been sweating the cut days a bit.

The last couple of days he and I have been discussing who was cut (they made cuts on Monday and Tuesday)…

Leadership / People

Wolves, Dogs, and Sheep

I once read there are two types of people in this world: those that that divide everything / everybody into two types and those who don’t. Guess we know which one I am.

When I was a plebe at West Point, boxing was a required class (and still is). A…

Politics / Congress / Frustration

Sometimes it’s hard to let people go. This time it shouldn’t be.

Let’s say I owned a grocery store. Let’s say I hired a manager to run the store for me. He goes to work every day. I pay him to do the payroll, make the rules for the store employees, supervise them, price the bread, cereal, soft drinks, produce, meat, etc…

Mark McMillion

Retired Army officer with two tours in Baghdad, taught at West Point, married with four kids. Proud West Virginian and West Point grad. Amazon pubs.

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