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Leadership Moment — 10 Aug 22

Attitude + Effort = Success!

Mark McMillion
2 min readAug 11, 2022


Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

My daughter called me late this afternoon in a great mood. She’d just received her first performance review at her job and earned stellar marks. Of course I’m a proud dad but that aside, I wasn’t surprised. She brings a positive upbeat attitude and her best effort to work every day. For her, it’s a habit.

Her eval was all positive and she was pleased but acknowledged there were some platitudes in there. I told her that may be true but what won her the accolades were her attitude and motivation.

Anyone can be happy or motivated for a moment, or a day. But it takes a special kind of person to bring it every day. She does.

Is it fake sometimes? Probably. But I’ll take it. Emotions are contagious and leaders need to clearly understand that. Emotional intelligence is a key to great leadership, as I’ve written about several times previously.

I completely believe in authenticity but as a leader, you need to bring the positive. And as we all know, leadership isn’t always about what position you occupy. Leaders can be and are at every level of the organization.

Attitude and effort make an ENORMOUS difference. What’s more, they’re choices as opposed to God-given gifts. While I may never be an NFL all-star, I can have the attitude of one and can make the same effort.

As far as performance evaluations, I’ve written about those as well. Here on Medium and here’s a little performance feedback booklet I use with my clients. It’s available in both digital and paper formats from Amazon.

That was my leadership moment today.

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