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Taliban Strike

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Mark McMillion
4 min readApr 14, 2022


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February 2011

In North Waziristan, the Taliban high council was meeting. “The Americans continue to improve their positions. Yesterday, another village rose up against us, driving out our men who had gone to burn a school for girls. Little by little, they make gains and solidify. Last week, the Afghan Army not only stood and fought, they defeated our forces. If we don’t oust the NATO devils soon, the tipping point may be reached.”

“We must take the battle to the Americans! We must strike them in America and strike one of their heroes to make an example. Now, the fight is here, where our villages and our people bear the hardships and losses. The American media hardly even mentions us anymore and even when we kill NATO forces, it’s only a footnote. I say again, we must draw blood in North America as our al Qaeda brothers did. Only then, will the Americans taste and smell their own blood. We do not need something so large as the Twin Towers. No, we do not. Rather, let’s bring smoke and blood to their villages and countryside, as they have here.”

Everyone agreed they needed to take the fight to the shores of America but couldn’t agree on a target. Some wanted a high-profile attack like 9/11 but others thought it too grandiose. They also pointed out the Americans had spent the past ten years working to prevent that type of event.

“Their villages. Yes, that’s what we need to strike. We are not children, we know history. When the madman Hitler bombed London, did it break the will of the English to fight? No, it did not. In war, people expect cities to be targets.”

“We need to take war to the parts of America untouched by conflict, in the interior of the country and away from major defenses, somewhere there is little military presence. Let’s let them see, hear, smell, feel, and taste what war is like. Let’s make them mourn in their villages and wail lamentations for their lost children!”

“There!” he said, pointing to the television showing CNN in the corner. It was President Obama and his generals giving a soldier a medal. They were smiling and praising the man. “Earlier today in…



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